When someone is arrested in Las Vegas, they must remain in jail until a preliminary hearing. At that hearing, the judge may set a monetary bail amount that must be paid in order for the accused to be released from jail prior to the trial date. The amount of bail depends on several factors, one of which includes the severity of the charges against the person.

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Bail Bonds Las Vegas

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How Bail Bonds Work in Las Vegas

Bail Bonds Las Vegas often referred to as surety bonds, are a contractual promise that a defendant will appear in court for trial at the appointed date and time. When a person ends up in a jail in Las Vegas, it is important for a friend or family member to contact a Las Vegas Bail bondsman from a qualified bail bonds service provider, such as eBAIL. Fully licensed and accredited through the Better Business Bureau, eBAIL can help through the entire bail bonds process.

The Las Vegas Bail Bondsman will explain the bail bonds process and get the necessary information regarding the accused. After that, it takes several hours for the accused to be processed into the jail and to receive an initial hearing for the judge to set bail. The bail bondsman at eBAIL will then find out all of the necessary information, such as the charges against the accused, the bail amount, and the specific jail where the defendant is being held. A friend or family member can then pay a set percentage to the bail bondsman at eBAIL in person, by phone, or through a quick and convenient online process that takes 3 minutes or less. The bail bondsman will post the bail bond at the jail to start the release process.

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Bail Bonds Las Vegas by Marc Gabriel of eBAIL

Bail Bonds Las Vegas by Marc Gabriel of eBAIL

How to Get Released from Jail in Las Vegas

Once the judge sets a monetary bail amount at the preliminary hearing, there are several ways a defendant can be released from jail.

Pay the full amount. A friend or family member may go in person to the specific jail where the accused is being detained and pay the full amount of the bail. This is often difficult because bail can range in the thousands of dollars.

Pay 15% of the bail amount. In order to pay a percentage of the bail amount, a bail bondsman must be retained at a rate of 15 percent by Las Vegas law. The bail bondsman at eBAIL can take payment arrangements for the percentage of bail bonds. Once this amount is received, the bail bond can be posted at the jail and the release procedure may begin.

Hire an attorney. A Las Vegas Attorney may be able to have the bail amount reduced or eliminated entirely in some cases. However, hiring a criminal defense attorney takes time. A person may remain in jail for days or weeks before the attorney can speak with the judge. There is no guarantee of reduced or dropping of bail.

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How Long Does it Take to be Released from a Las Vegas Jail?

Once arrested, the booking process can take several hours. Then the initial hearing takes place. After that, a bail bondsman from eBAIL can obtain the necessary information to help get the defendant released with a bail bond. Once the bail bond is paid and posted, it typically takes between 6 and 16 hours for the release process to be completed. It may take longer on weekends, holidays, or due to conditions in the jail.

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Bail Bonds Las Vegas by eBAIL

Bail Bonds Las Vegas by eBAIL