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If someone has been arrested in Las Vegas, they most likely will be processed through the CCDC Las Vegas NV, as this is where almost everyone goes after an arrest. The time after a loved one’s arrest can be very stressful, especially with little to no information about what happened or how to help them. Thankfully, there are easy ways to locate and help them almost immediately.

CCDC Las Vegas NV

CCDC stands for Clark County Detention Center, since Las Vegas is located in Clark County. It is located at 330 South Casino Center, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. If someone is sent to the Clark County Detention Center, they can be contacted provided some rules are followed. They can receive mail, as long as it does not have any contraband or explicit content. All mail arriving at CCDC Las Vegas NV is opened and inspected before being released to the inmate.

CCDC Las Vegas NV
CCDC Las Vegas NV Booking Entrance

Inmates are allowed to make collect phone calls, but are not allowed to receive phone calls at the Clark County Detention Center. The recipient of the phone call will be billed for all charges related to the call.

Other Jails in Clark County NV

Though most people who are arrested end up in the Clark County Detention Center, there are a few exceptions. There is the City of Las Vegas Jail, located at 3300 Stewart Avenue, which is the second largest jail in the area after the CCDC Las Vegas NV. Next is the Henderson Detention Center, located at 18 Basic Road in Henderson, NV, which is close to Las Vegas. There used to be a facility called the North Las Vegas Jail, but that closed down, and the area is now served by the City of Las Vegas Jail.

CCDC Inmate Search Options

Using the CCDC Inmate Search tool is an easy way to find an arrested individual. The person performing the search must know the inmate’s first name, and at least two letters of their last name in order to use the search engine. In addition, a case or inmate number, also known as Prison ID number, can be used in conjunction with the CCDC Inmate Search. Calling at 702-608-2245 gives information about which jail the person was booked at how much it costs to get them out, in addition to any other pertinent information.

CCDC Las Vegas NV
CCDC Las Vegas NV – Back View of the Jail

Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

Once the person has been located using the CCDC Inmate Search tool, the next step is to bail them out. Going directly to the jail means making a full payment, which can be very costly. Marc Gabriel and the good people at eBAIL can make arrangements for a partial payment to save money and help people get their loved ones out of jail faster.

CCDC Las Vegas NV


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